Here's the real Sony Ericsson Nozomi again this time with benchmarks

Here’s the real Sony Ericsson Nozomi again this time with benchmarks

The Sony Ericsson Nozomi (or Arc HD if you will) is certainly not enjoying anonymity. The smartphone leaked so many times that we are afraid its manufacturer will have little news for us at the announcement event, which is scheduled for next week.

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Today, we got another batch of live shots of the Sony Ericsson Nozomi, and while those weren’t of a particularly high quality they told us more about the smartphone internals. According to the screenshot of the Quadrant benchmarking app, the arc HD is said to sport a 1.5GHz single-core CPU, but the source of the leak assures us that it’s a dual-core unit that is ticking inside.

Here's the real Sony Ericsson Nozomi again this time with benchmarks

Sony Ericsson Nozomi (a.k.a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc HD)

According to ITProPortal, the smartphone will, in fact, be named Sony Ericsson Xperia HD and will run on an MSM8660 chipset, which also powers the HTC EVO 3D. The RAM will be 1GB and there will be a 12 megapixel camera at the back of the new Sony Ericsson flagship.

Sadly, there won’t be a microSD card slot so the internal storage is all you will get with the Sony Ericsson Nozomi. And you might be interested to know that the Android 2.3.7 Ginerbread-running smartphone will take microSIM cards, instead of the regular ones.

We are sure Sony Ericsson will be updating this one to Ice Cream Sandwich eventually, but it’s too early to give a timeframe for that.

Now it’s too early to be drawing any conclusions, as the official announcement hasn’t even taken place, but it appears that Sony Ericsson is taking an interesting approach to its top end products.

You see, the Nozomi would be a fine competitor for the ultimate smartphone if it was released about six months ago, but given that it will only be announced now it will have a somewhat different mission.

Just like it did with the Arc and Arc S, the company will probably be positioning the Nozomi just below the best in class, aiming to fill the niche right underneath the flagships of Samsung, HTC, Apple etc. It worked pretty well the last time around, so why wouldn’t Sony Ericsson try it again?

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