XPERIA S Home Launcher v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Based on XPERIA™ Home 2.2.A.0.14 from Sony XPERIA S

XPERIA S Home Launcher v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7

Optimized for non-XPERIA devices.
Don’t install on XPERIA devices, especially if you have stock ROM!!!
All APKs are signed with a non-Sony Ericsson key!
XPERIA S Home Launcher v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7
Optimized for:
QVGA (240×320)
HVGA (320×480)
WVGA (480×800)
FWVGA (480×854)
qHD (540×960)
HD (720×1280)


System Requirements:
Gingerbread or ICS

1. Remove / uninstall all apps that use the shared user com.sonyericsson.home (older/different versions of: XPERIA Home and various XPERIA widgets).
2. If you have not already installed revision 3 or earlier of this package proceed to step 7, else proceed to step 3.
3. Download the XPERIA S uninstaller package in order to remove your old installation.
4. Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery and make a backup (optional).
5. Flash the uninstaller package.
6. Reboot.
7. If you want to install an updated version of a certain APK, first uninstall the old version from Settings->Apps.
8. Download the Home.apk suitable for your screen resolution and install as normal APK.
9. Download the widget APK(s) you want to install and install as normal APK(s).

Revision history:

XPERIA S Home Launcher v2.2.A.0.14 rev.7 apk
– Added new configuration settings: Toggle wallpaper scrolling, Toggle going to first pane in app drawer, Set Home button default action.
– Fixed wrong default screen when even number of home screens is selected.

– Added a configuration menu, currently only supports setting the number of homescreens.

– Added support for 720×1186 (Galaxy Nexus) and 800×1280 (Galaxy Note).

– WeatherWidget – fixed inability to enter location on ICS

– Installation as standalone APKs is now possible (modified Home.apk, OnOffTools.apk, WeatherWidget.apk, WidgetPicker.apk to enable this).
– Added an uninstaller for removing older revisions of the package
– Framework and permission files are not needed anymore

– Added QVGA and HVGA support
– Fixed a cosmetic graphics issue for WVGA and FWVGA

– Fixed CWM (Status 0) Installation aborted error on some devices (update-binary is changed)

– Original release

Both variants work for qHD and HD devices (does not matter which file you choose).
The screenshots are from a WVGA (800×480) device.


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