Animus Interface v1.2

Animus Interface v1.2 apk
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Get your homescreen absorbed into an interface similar to the Animus; from the creator of the Dragon Ball and Naruto live wallpaper series.

Animus Interface v1.2

Feel Desmond’s experience when he relives the lives of Ezio and Altair. This animated artwork is not intended to represent the Animus in Assassin ‘s Creed 100%, but rather my own design based on that inspiration. Part of the design was also inspired by Tron.

Features :
Animus Interface v1.2 apk
Growing white glow
Vague blinks of a disappearing clock with timers
White Grid
Subtle smoke animations
Blue glowing sparks
Offsets; scene shifts when swiping screens (This one ONLY WORKS FOR CERTAIN PHONES)


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