Specky: Mark of the Year

Specky Mark of the Year v1.0

Requirements: Android O/S : 1.6+
Overview: You Beauty!! The Top 10 Selling iPhone Game Comes To Your Android Phone and Tablet !

Specky is the world’s first game dedicated to taking massive hangers and here’s some of the great features you’ll get:

* Use opponents as a human step ladder! Soar over and on top of opponents to take a specky!

* Fun Touch and Swipe gameplay designed specifically for your mobile device.

* Crash through packs, stand on opponents shoulders, flip upside down and try to mark the ball. Amazing physics let you create unbelievable specky’s that’ll have you jumping out of your seat.

* Level up your player’s jump power and take bigger specky’s by completing challenging in-game objectives.

* The perfect game for half time – much more exciting than watching the little league and cheaper than the price of a pie.

* Increasing challenge by beating full backs and opponents who try to outmuscle and spoil you.

* Unique experience every time you play. Smart opponents and random variables mean that no two games will ever be the same.

* Get a Specky Score at the end of each level based on jump height, air time, pack ride and others.

* Bite-Sized Gameplay designed to be played on the go for 1 minute or on your couch for hours.

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