Riptide GP v1.3

Riptide GP v1.3 apk
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: The premier console-quality water racing game for mobile.

Riptide GP v1.3

Riptide GP is the first ever console-quality water racing game for mobile.
Featuring super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections (dual core only),
and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments.

Rev up your supercharged jet ski and take a wild ride through twisting canals and rivers,
Futuristic cityscapes, and mysterious research facilities. Skill, stunts,
Speed will be your best allies as you grab massive air off huge waves, kick out death-defying tricks,
Boost your jet ski to victory across a dynamic, ever-changing torrent of foam and spray.

The quad-core power of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 superchip has enabled us to add even more detail and excitement to the Riptide GP experience.
Tegra 3 players get extra-high-detailed normal-mapped waves, realistic water splashes on the camera, and a dramatic motion blur effect when boosting.
Riptide GP looks even better thanks to the power of Tegra 3!

We now support many Android devices, including the Galaxy S2, Droid X, Xperia Play, HTC EVO 3D, Nexus S, and many more.
Please note that Riptide GP is a processor intensive game, and requires a high-end smartphone or tablet for optimal performance.

The ultimate console-quality mobile racing experience just got even more console-y!
Now you can kick back on your couch and play Riptide GP with your Bluetooth or USB gamepad.
(USB gamepads only supported on Android 3.1 or higher.)

Riptide GP v1.3 apk
• Explore 12 futuristic water raceways
• Grab massive air and perform dramatic stunts to earn boost
• Unlock and master 6 screaming fast jet skis
• 3 game modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship
• Bluetooth and USB gamepad support
• Earn Achievements, post to Leaderboards, and race against your Friends’ best split times with integrated OpenFeint™ support
• Easy and fun to pick up and play – delightfully challenging to master
• Created by Vector Unit, developers of the Xbox 360 hit Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

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