Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Preference is an intellectual trick-taking card game, very popular in Russia. It is a modern version of another rare Russian game VIST and similar to yet another version of VIST – BRIDGE, which is very famous, first of all, in western countries.

Preference is also played, in rather different forms, in other European countries and is known as Austrian Preference, Croatian Preference, Greek Prefa.

See the last updates description in “Recent Changes” section.

My algorithm has not be peeping at cards of the opponents. It is the real artificial intelligence, which is simulating the behavior of the live player.

04/01/12 – 2.0.9 Fixed possible crash in normal game (second hand) algorithm. Graphic interface performance improvements. Bug fixes.
03/31/12 – 2.0.8 Game set dialog issue for the small screens has been fixed.

03/30/12 – 2.0.7 Pass and normal games algorithm update. Bug fixes.
03/27/12 – 2.0.6 Algorithm classes refactoring. Interface update.
03/22/12 – 2.0.5 Bug fixes.

03/22/12 – 2.0.4 Bug fixes.
03/21/12 – 2.0.3 Interface update. Structural and performance optimizations.

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