King of the Hill v1.1

King of the Hill v1.1

Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: King of the Hill brings you to the base of an infinitely challenging Hill.

The goal is different based on one of the many modes available, but the general challenge is the same – conquer the Hill!
You conquer the Hill by maneuvering an incredibly detailed and physically accurate dirt bike using your Android device as the controller.

King of the Hill features:
• Three game modes delivers endless hours of highscore-chasing addiction:
o Unlimited: Hillclimb – This truly endless mode generates an increasingly difficult track as you play. How high can you climb?
o 100m dash: Easy, Medium & Hard – This challenging mode requires you to climb 100m as quick as possible. Three difficulties deliver an increasing challenge for experienced players.

o Push: This fun mode lets you push the rag doll down a steep hill. Watch the score increase as the rag doll receives damage.
• The mountain is procedurally generated, which gives you unique hills every time.
• Achievements using OpenFeint.
• Precise control schemes: The controller schemes included are tailored to give you great flexibility when choosing the scheme that fits your style the best. Choose from a variety of touch-only controls or a combined touch- & tilt-based scheme. Each scheme has multiple settings that allow you to truly master the Hill.
• Highscores: Our proprietary highscore-system allows us to store and present highscores in unique ways. View the top 20 players in all game modes and compare them against your personal bests.
• Realistic physics: King of the Hill delivers unprecedented dirt bike physics. It also delivers hours of fun while watching the rag doll crashing.
• More features are planned and will be released soon.
Please note that this game requires an Android device with the following capabilities:
• Display with a resolution of at least 480 by 320 pixels.
• Hardware accelerated graphics.
• Android 2.3 or later.
Known limitations:
• On devices with Ice Cream Sandwich the bike’s sound is not proportional to the engine RPM

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