Crusaders - RTS

Crusaders RTS v1.53 Cracked

Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Join the Crusades and travel to the Holy Land and restore religious control!

From vast forests to bleak deserts, your troops roam and explore at your command, crushing enemies and establishing outposts across hostile regions that change every time you play.

Crusaders is a full RTS game (a “proper” rts) where you control soldiers, archers, clerics and special heroes to defeat the opposing army.
Crusaders features a game interface which blends RTS and touch screen seamlessly for a great gaming experience.

Game features –
* Large randomly generated maps
* Randomly generated content
* Four map landscapes (from forest through to jungle)
* Soldier, archer, cleric, hero and monster units (each with different attributes)
* Four enemy units with different attributes
* Various upgrade buildings to help your conquest
* Buildings can be upgraded with gold
* Archer towers can be built, upgraded and repaired
* Discover unique magical structures to help your conquest
* Use powerful ‘Hand Of God’ spells to decimate the enemy
* Powerful hero units can be recruited to help defeat the enemy
* Soldiers and archers gain experience points for improved attributes (eventually becoming elite units)

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