Boulder Dash®-The Collection™

Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Overview: The first ever Boulder Dash ® app for Android is a collection of 5 Boulder Dash ® games, 4 sold as in-app purchases, including the famous, beloved, million-unit selling original game from 1984.

All five cave packs are available! Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
You can check the compatibility of your device, before you buy, here:
If you have a problem please let us know on the above link and if possible with a crash report Android Market.

Start with more than 30 caves and 3 difficulty in Boulder Dash ®-ME Vol. 2 and in-app purchases of any or all of the other 4 games to enjoy all five games.

The three packs are retro cave caves: Boulder Dash ®-Vol. 1; Boulder Dash ®-Vol. 2, and the Boulder Dash Construction Kit ® ™. (The publisher is not included.) This cave packs are equipped with the original retro graphics, music and sound effects and all of the caves and difficulty levels available in the original Commodore 64 and Atari 400/800 versions.


* Online Leaderboards and achievements OpenFeint
* New graphics for the first 2 packs cave
* Original retro graphics cave for the last 3 packs
* Secret bonus caves
* Classic Mode: Play with game clock
* Zen Mode: Play without time pressure
* All of the Classic Boulder Dash ® Creatures & Features:
o Butterflies (9 diamond spawn if slain)
o Fireflies (even nasty and deadly)
o Amoeba (for diamonds surround it)
o Growing walls (note-they’ll block your way)
o Magic Walls (turn boulders into diamonds)
o Slime (contains objects, but for a while)
o Push / Grab / Dig without moving
* New Power-Ups & Tools:
o Bombs (explode on impact, push or kick ‘em)
o Hammers (smash boulders)
o 90 ° Rotations Cave (gravity shifts)
* 3 user configured Controls
* Play in either Portrait or Landscape
* Use the ‘Pause & Explore’ to plan your next move
* Multi-Touch, variable zoom
* Optimized XPERIA PLAY

The ultimate action-puzzle game, your challenge is to get the required number of diamonds to collect in each cave before time to open the exit while avoiding falling rocks and all enemies! Exiting through the exit in time and you will move to the next cave.

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