Widget Phone Pro v1.30

Widget Phone Pro v1.30 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: WidgetPhone enables you to make phone call easier with short cuts.

Widget Phone Pro v1.30

Only one widget in 3×4 size includes call Log history, address and dialing function.
This widget provides all functions regards to calling such as look up call history, search addresses, dialing and etc.

WidgetPhone provides the two types of widgets.
Widget Phone Pro v1.30
1.Black, White (3X4 size)
Provides all the features in minimal space.
Provide effective UI.
2.Silver (4X4 size)
The large size of the text and icon configuration.
UI For old people.
WidgetPhone of the three tabs:

1.Call Log
Call type, name, date display
sms button, call button
page up, down button(newest, older)
name, number display
page up, down button
number key ,sms, call button

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