Total Recall Samsung Galaxy S2 v1.8.9

Total Recall Samsung Galaxy S2 v1.8.9 apk
Requirements: Galaxy S2
Overview: Powerful & Easy to Use Call Recorder for the Samsung Galaxy S2

Records Calls at full Volume (both sides) on the:
> Samsung Galaxy S2
> Spring Epic 4G Touch
> HTC Hero (test first please)

Feature Packed & Easy to Use Call Recorder & Voice Recorder (Dictaphone) specifically configured for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Built to run right out of the box with zero recording configuration required. Install, Run and you’re ready to reacord Calls!

Automatically record all or only some calls. Record voice notes, or trigger remote audio recording via SMS. Manually record on the fly and much more! The most popular call recorder for Symbian/S60 devices is now the BEST Voice & Call Recorder for the Samsung Galaxy S2!


TIP for Root Users: Using a CPU Control (ie SetCPU) set the CPU governer to “Interactive”. This will ensure that Total Recall has sufficient resources even when the screen is turned off, preventing the recording from failing.

>>> Will not record calls while using a Bluetooth Headset.
>>> This version of Total Recall is designed for Samsung Galaxy S2 users only. However it may work fine on other devices as well.
>>> On some devices the native audio player doesn’t like playing back the clips recorded by Total Recall. You can either play these back directly through Total Recall itself, or use a 3rd party audio player.

Key Total Recall Call Recorder Features Include:

– Automatically or Manually Record Phone Calls
– Quick & Easy recording of Voice Notes
– Intuitively Named Clips which include the Number and or Contact Name
– Widget for one button recording
– Remote Recording via SMS command
– Supports Multiple audio formats (WAV, AMR, MP4 and more)
– Automatically or manually Send recorded audio via Email & Evernote

What’s in this version:
Total Recall Samsung Galaxy S2 v1.8.9 apk
* Should now be compatible with the T-Mobile & ATT T989 Variant. If you experience issues with one of these devices, please email us!
* We’ve added a brand new setting for Root users to help prevent application shut down & improve stability & performance!

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