SafeWallet v1.2.2 Incl Desktop

Requirements: for Android version 2.0 and higher
Overview: SafeWallet password manager is the easiest and most secure to use way to store your passwords and sensitive information.

SafeWallet v1.2.2 Incl Desktop

It makes your life easier – never remember or forget passwords again.
Access Anywhere – Is available on multiple platforms, desktop and mobile.
SafeWallet v1.2.2 Incl Desktop
SafeWallet Password Manager protected you – it keeps you safe & secure.

Makes your password management a breeze.

It keeps your passwords in complete sync between all your devices – securely!

SafeWallet password manager has won awards and got great reviews.

But don’t believe us – try it for yourself!

What’s in this version:
SafeWallet v1.2.2 Incl Desktop apk
following user input, we have removed the animation from the application.

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