RingFilter v2.6

RingFilter v2.6

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: RingFilter gives you the freedom you’ve never known with a cell phone before. It’s the most comprehensive, flexible Ringer Control program available. Schedule who can Call or Text you!

RingFilter works as a Whitelist and Blacklist program in one! Incoming Call options consist of
• Allow
• Silence
• Send to voicemail
• Block

Incoming Texts
Controlling who may Call and Text can be done at the following levels:
Individual Contacts
Number Prefix (Any number that begins with your chosen Number Prefix will be controlled exactly how you choose)
Calls from Any Contact
Texts from Any Contact
Calls from Unknown Numbers
Texts from Unknown Numbers
Calls from Restricted Numbers (also known as Private or Withheld Numbers, in which the caller does not supply their phone number)
RingFilter gives you complete control over who may Call or Text you at any given time and day. If you can think of a scenario of exactly who you want to be able to call you or text you, chances are great that RingFilter can do exactly as you need. Once set up, RingFilter will monitor incoming Calls and Texts at the SCHEDULES you specify, and for the times that you do NOT want it to monitor, you won’t know it is installed, as it will not affect your phone at all!
Some programs have an issue where the phone Vibrates or Rings for a very short period. RingFilter will ALWAYS catch a Call or Text before the phone Vibrates or Rings.
This takes the idea of Do Not Disturb to a whole new level, so you can work, sleep, etc. in peace and quiet, while still knowing that the people that you want to be able to contact you will ALWAYS be able to do so
Set RingFilter to only allow your phone to ring at night when your family members Call or Text you, and to silence everyone else. When you wake up, you may then check your missed calls and voicemails the same way as you normally would.
Shows a Notification Icon When monitoring, which you can turn off.
You don’t have to have the conflict of whether to turn off your phone and miss important calls, or leave it on and be disturbed, ever again!
If you need to quickly Silence ALL Calls and Texts, simply turn on Silent Override. Tap it again and everything is back to normal!

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