Notification Bubbles v4.1

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Get SMS/Phone call/Gmail/Facebook/Twitter notifications in a Bubble! Live Wallpaper. Donate version. Includes more bubble colors, counting of popped bubbles and a my darling heart!

Notification Bubbles v4.1

With Gmail, Facebook and Twitter notifications! This lightweight live wallpaper turns your home screen to a usable interactive wallpaper.
You get a new bubble each time you receive a sms/mms or miss a phone call If you have a picture attached to the number the picture will be attached to the bubble. Tap, pop, the bubble and the phone log or the sms conversation opens. You can also have a couple of empty bubbles floating around which you can pop for your own fun.
You can now also login to your gmail/facebook/twitter account and get notifications when a new event occurs. If you tap a gmail/facebook/twitter notification bubble and you have the official gmail/facebook/twitter app installed you will be redirected to the gmail/facebook/twitter app(if not you will go to the mobile www version of gmail/facebook/twitter).
To enable gmail/facebook/twitter notifications: go into Bubble -> settings -> accounts and select Gmail/Facebook/Twitter login/logout and log in with your account.
Notification Bubbles v4.1
To choose the most desirable background, first set a background of your choice(an image/picture) and then select the bubble livewallpaper. The bubbles will then float around on your selected background. You can also set the color of the bubbles (blue, green, pink, yellow or random). And enable/disable a “pop sound” when you tap the bubbles.

*This is a live wallpaper which you install on your homescreen by selecting “menu”->”wallpaper”->”live wallpapers”

*Donate features: Combine colors in whatever combination, count your popped bubbles, pop your darling to the left to call, tap to the right to sms.

Please give us feedback if you have some suggestions of improvements.

What’s in this version:
Notification Bubbles v4.1 apk
Added support for todo bubbles, which act as reminders for important tasks. Never forget to buy milk again!
The new, more realistic, bubbles are now the default graphics
Winter theme added!
A special “clear bubble color” added!
Halloween theme added!
More darling hearts added!
Notification bubbles the game released! Go to accounts and enable ” The game” and now you can track your pop count by checking the “Live Wallpaper Bubbles by Commind” app on your facebook page.

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