ModFace Pro v1.3.0

ModFace Pro v1.3.0 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: You memefanatic can’t miss the Modface.

ModFace Pro v1.3.0

You memefanatic can’t miss the Modface. The app that is going to make your photomontages easier and faster. It is simple and fast: take a picture, the app is going to recognize people’s faces and automatically substitute their faces with one of the many memes available.
ModFace Pro v1.3.0 apk
Didn’t you like the selected meme? Just change it for another one.
You Don’t want a meme on that face? Just press the remove button.
Do you want to add another meme to the photo? Just select one and move it to any position of the picture.
You can also alter the size of the memes and rotate them. All that in a quick way and without expensive photo editor softwares.
After your photo is done it is time to share it with your friends through the most popular social networks, with few clicks only.
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