Mira v2.0.2

Mira v2.0.2 apk
Requirements: Android 2.2+, A Text-to-Speech Engine, The Voice Search App by Google
Overview: Mira is the first semantic and intelligent personal assistant exclusive for Android. If you like Siri and want to have a useful and similar personal assitant app for your Android device, too, Mira is your choice!

Mira v2.0.2

We develop and add new features in a high frequency!

At the time Mira speaks English and German.
(French will follow soon)

* There is no difference between this version and the donate one, you just support this project by buying the donate version.

You can ask many questions and use commands like:
– “Who is Justin Timberlake?”
– “What time is it?”
– “Where am i?”
– “How going to be the weather in London?”
– “Open Facebook”
– “Call Frank”
– “Who is Frank”
– “Where is the next McDonalds?”
and many more…

Read more at our board: http://Mira-android.com

Mira Siri Personal Assistant iPhone 4S

What’s new in this version:
Mira v2.0.2
– Better Google Places
– Many Bugfixes
– Better algorithm
– More sentences possible
– HAL 9000 Theme

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