HealthLog v1.0.29

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Health Log is the application that you can keep track of daily health data!

HealthLog v1.0.29

Health Log is the application that you can keep track of daily health data and exercise data and keep up personal healthcare!
You can keep up weight, exercise and health condition for the purpose of your health maintenance with one application!
The data that can be saved with Heath Log are as follows:
1.Morning&Night weight and BMI.
2.Blood pressure.
3.Type of exercises.
4.Workout session, walking and jogging distance and number of times of each exercise.
5.Wake-up time and bedtime.
6.Sleeping hours.
8.Amount of alcohol intake.
9.Amount of water ingestion.
11.Amount of smoking (only for smokers).
12.Meal record(by taking photos).
13.Saving checkup date (icon display on the calendar).
14.Memo (You can use memo as journal too!).
HealthLog v1.0.29
Setting:You can select the beginning date of the week and touch sensitivity etc..
Base Setting: You can edit the personal data you have saved on the initial screen.
Password: Set a password.
Help: Help menu.
Backup: You can save data to SD card.
<”Base Setting” screen>
Enter your personal information here.
The contents of the registration are as follows:
2.Starting Weight
7.Last checkup date: When you enter the date here, hospital&checkmark icon will be displayed on the calendar so you can remember when was the last checkup at one view.
8.Next checkup date: When you know the date of the next checkup, enter the date here then hospital icon will be displayed on the calendar.
*If the time has gone through over a year after the last checkup, a message will be appeared.
HealthLog v1.0.29
“Add” button: Select the date→Select one category from ①Weight&BMI, ②Exercise to ③Condition to enter the data.
“Today” button: Go back to the today’s date.
“Left” & “Right” button: Move the date right to left.
“List” button: You can select a list from “Photos” and “Condition”.
“Graph” button: You can select a graph from 12 different graphs.
Seven categories of the graph are as follows:
3.Blood pressure
4.Workout session
5.Walking distance
6.Jogging distance
7.Amount of water ingested
8.Sleeping hours

1.When you save the data “Weight”, “Exercise” and “Condition”, a blue, green and orange triangle appear on the calendar so you can understand when you save each data by watching calendar at one view.
2.The below screen of the calendar where ①”Weight”, ②”Exercise” and ③”Condition” are displayed, tap each category then move to the enter screen.
HealthLog v1.0.29
“Weight”: Save morning & night weight and BMI.
“Exercise”: You can select type of exercise from icons of the list, total amount of workout session, walking & jogging distance and number of times of each exercise.
“Condition”: You can save your daily health data here. You can keep track of health data from blood pressure to meal record and memo can be used as a journal. This is a very convenient application for daily healthcare!
Graph display can be switched 1month, 3month, 6month, 9month and 12month.
Type of “Exercise” in the list is as follows:
1. Walking
2. Jogging
3. Gym & Muscle Training
4. Push-ups(Press-up)
5. Crunch
6. Pull-up
7. Squat
8. Swimming
9. Yoga
10. Golf
11. Cycling
12. Rock-Climbing
13. Tennis & Squash Tennis
14. Baseball & Batting Machine
15. Soccer (Football) & Futsal
16. Basketball
17. Badminton
18. Martial Art
19. Windsurfing
20. Other Sports
*Any request for more sports icons, please send us email to:[email protected]

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