Fix Photo Blur v1.0.16

Fix Photo Blur v1.0.16 apk
Requirements: Android
Overview: Fix your blurry, out of focus or shaky photos within seconds.

Fix Photo Blur v1.0.16

Fix your blurry, out of focus or shaky photos within seconds.
It’s time to say goodbye to all the blurry photos that you thought can’t be fixed. With “Fix Photo Blur” you can fix your out of focus or shaky photos within seconds to get back those nice pictures that you always wanted.
Uses advanced algorithms optimized for phones and tablets to recover details, information and clarity from blurry images.
Its ease of use will amaze you. Just use a slider to deblur your photo from moderate to high levels. It analyzes your photo to automatically do the right thing.
Extra: Remove noise from your photos. A single slider analyzes and removes both Gaussian and Chroma noise (grains or colored sparkles).
Instant comparison – you can compare the original photo with the fixed photo by just one tap.
It will not replace/overwrite/edit your original photo, all changes are saved as a copy.

What’s in this version: Fix Photo Blur v1.0.16 apk
All recent updates are for bugs fixes and stability improvements for different Phone models.
Coming soon: Full resolution support, and 5-times faster speed.
Previous versions added: Support to open photos using ‘share’ option in photo galleries.
If you have any questions or face any problem, please email us at [email protected] as we can’t reply to market comments.

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