eFert for mobile v1.03

Requirements: Android 1.4+
Overview: A low-consuming optical recognition and growing initiator/stimulator for plants and flowers, based on species-dependent resonance response.

(No screen-dump as screen turns just black while running…)

eFert for mobile is a double-purpose application, featuring an optical plant/flower revognition program, and an application to generate plant development. It is based on the BOSNIC LOOM system (see ‘more info’ link below) without the need of adding expensive organic nutrient. Originally developed for botanists and commercial plant nurseries, it is now available for the most common handheld devices. The user can see increased plant development within hours (in high intensity mode). The BOSNIC LOOM principle is based on vibrations caused by sound waves beyond the human hearing. Plant development speed is controlled by bit-rate and volume of the produced sample (included in the package). The user can capture and export their development to gif animation file format and post on the site for evaluation.

eFert-treated plants also apparently produce seeds that grow as well as their parents without further treatment. However, those seeds when further treated with eFert, grow to become even better than their parents. eFert helps plants realize their genetic potential. Induced vibrations optimize the latent ability of plants to exhibit characteristics hidden in their gene pools, activating genes that may have been hidden. There is no need for supplementary organic nutrient because the most productive genes are already there.
– power-friendly ‘sleep’ mode working

– 3 intensity settings

– optical plant and seed identification (only for devices with camera)

– online help with settings advice (optical or manual id.)

v1.03 Update information
– better battery life

– Auto-intensity mode settings based on optical detection

– timer added

– online database editing when internet connection is available

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