DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2 apk
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Use your phone as a webcam or an “IP Cam” on your computer. Hi-Res video +audio.

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2

Use your phone as a webcam on your PC over WiFi, Bluetooth, or ADB (via USB). You can also use DroidCamX as an “IP/Surveillance Camera” via your Internet browser virtually on all networks.
DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2
PC Client (and some setup) REQUIRED. Windows or Linux clients available. Follow in-app messages. You may consider trying the free version first to make sure everything works. (PC Client works with both versions).

Main features:
DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2 apk
– Chat using “DroidCam Webcam” on your computer (Skype/Yahoo/MSN/etc.)
– Various video formats and resolutions
– Audio support (“DroidCam Microphone”)*
– IP/Surveillance Camera (No computer client required for this. Will work on almost all networks/computers)
– Turn on Camera Flash LED light
– Front Camera option for Android 2.3 devices

* Experimental: Windows only; Not available via Bluetooth.

NOTE: If the Market fails to download the app, log on to your Google Checkout account, Cancel the order and try again.
NOTE: It seems on Android 2.3 audio is now recorded in large chunks causing a delay, thus not allowing DroidCam to stream and play-back smoothly. As of now, nothing can be done about this 
You can check which version of Android your phone is running by going to Settings -> About Phone.

What’s in this version:
Please report any issues you encounter after updating.
DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2 apk
Minor bug fixes
Market licence issue addressed
Redesigned UI
Display supported resolutions as reported by device
Other fixes
Unfortunately attempts at fixing audio on Android 2.3 did not yield adequate results. There is just too much delay.
PC client UPDATED to v3.5. Follow the “Updates” link at dev47apps.com
Add new resolutions.
Auto Focus button while streaming (Format A or C).
Other tweaks.

Free DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.2 apk

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