Cabbage Ultimate v1.73

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Provides quick and easy use of your free web text(SMS) from Irish mobile providers Meteor,Vodafone,o2, 3, eMobile and Tesco mobile. O2 UK and Telenor Serbia are also supported
If you have a problem or a question please email [email protected] as there is no way to respond to comments

Cabbage Ultimate v1.73

– Send web texts for Meteor, O2, Vodafone, Three, eMobile, Tesco mobile, O2 UK and Telenor Serbia
– Monitor incoming SMS and read and reply through the inbox
– Contact photos are displayed.
– Create contact groups for sending messages to multuiple people
– An option to mark messages as read in the in-built application as they are read in Cabbage
– Send real SMS for numbers that don’t work with web text (e.g. 5xxxx numbers) or if web text is not working
– Forward incoming SMS as they arrive to a specified number. The phone must be powered on to use this feature. Notifications of incoming calls can also be sent via text
– A popup to allow quick reply to incoming messages
– Messages and accounts can be exported from Cabbage Lite.
– Long press on a message thread to sent the thread via email
– Long press the send button to temporarily override the default account and send with another account
– Assign a contact to an account so that all messages sent to that contact to be sent using the chosen account
– Add signatures to messages
– A widget that shows the number of unread messages. Note that widgets are disabled if an application is installed on the SD card

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