Bird Bar Premium Notifications v2.0.6

Bird Bar Premium Notifications v2.0.6 apk
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: NOW you can check on your notifications even when you are playing a full screen game! With Bird Bar, all you need to do is swipe from off the edge of your screen onto the screen.

Bird Bar Premium Notifications v2.0.6

NOW you can check on your notifications even when you are playing a full screen game! With Bird Bar, all you need to do is swipe from off the edge of your screen onto the screen. It’s sort of like you are already doing, except you don’t need to see the notification bar or status bar to do it and it works from any side of the screen!

Additionally ONLY with the premium version, you can now enable popup notifications so you don’t even have to swipe. To enable, go into preferences then scroll down to Enable Popups. Click that option then enable accessibility and select Bird Bar Premium in the accessibility settings. You can also change the location and length that these are displayed. I have huge plans for this feature. It’s currently experimental, so please forgive any bugs and PLEASE mail me if you notice any apps that cause problems with this.

NOW, while you are waiting for a text message or email and playing an awesome game of Angry Birds, you can quickly glance at your notifications to see if the correct one came in, and then get right back into the game without every leaving and screwing up your progress. BirdBar works with all fullscreen applications and games, including movies and popular games like Plants vs Zombies.
Bird Bar Premium Notifications v2.0.6

**Simple swiping from any edge of the screen to show your notification drawer. Now you can check your notifications when you hear a sound or feel a vibration while you are playing a game without messing up your progress.
**Two presets: The original invisible mode that lets you swipe from any edge of the screen. And a NEW much more sensitive AND visible mode for swiping from the top and top corners.
**No ads or internet permissions! It’s not a shady app 

Only enable the edges of the screen that work best for you. This reduces accidental swipes.

Make the swipe areas almost any size you want and anchor them to sides of the screen.

Is it harder to swipe on your device, then increase sensitivity. Too easy to trigger the notification, then decrease sensitivity. Pick whatever feels best for your device.

Now you can have Bird Bar enable when you restart your phone, so you don’t have to remember to enable it before you go into a game.

Did you disable a few edges and forget which edge is still enabled? Then this option is for you! A thing bar will be shown on the edges of the screen that are activated for Bird Bar.

All settings are applied AFTER you leave the settings screen.
Some sides work better on certain devices, on some devices you may need to tweak sensitivity, but try it out and please let me know what’s best for your device so I can make it better. I want your feedback and help as soon possible.

Experimental Feature
See your notifications without having to swipe. App blocking and opacity coming soon.
Currently known issues with the Android Market (sorry), and GPS notification, along with apps that frequently update notifications.

Please use the e-mail function in the application or market to tell me what else you want to see! More customizations have been requested AND are being worked on already!

Mike dg

Not affiliated with Rovio, Angry Birds, Glu Mobile, Minecraft, Guerrilla Bob, Gun Brothers, Cut the Rope, Peggle, Popcap, Hanging with Friends, Zynga, Chuzzle, Burn the Rope, or any other game or game makers.

**IMPORTANT** I can’t click certain buttons!
Some buttons can not be clicked while Bird Bar is running, so disable Bird Bar temporarily. This is a rare occurrence and usually only happens when you try to install a new app.

Recent changes:
Bird Bar Premium Notifications v2.0.6 apk
Fixed starts on bug when using fullscreen only

Added a toggle option in the notification as a workaround for the install button not being able to be clicked for third party apps while Bird Bar is enabled. This may not work on all devices though and I’m working on a more universal solution.

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