360 Launcher v1.3 themes lockscreens

360 Launcher v1.3 themes lockscreens apk
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: This is a combination of QQ Launcher and MXHome. It has a lot of features such as some free downloadable theme, animation, etc. If you love ADW, you will love it even much.

360 Launcher v1.3 themes lockscreens

Everyone loves a good home replacement application. For some reason, the Chinese seem to be at the forefront of all things that are different and good. I’d like to think that those devs just have more time on their hands and aren’t smarter than us. Many would disagree with that statement, after all, we might be a super power, but on an education level we are pretty much last on the list. Look it up, you will see just house screwed we really are.
The launcher is a mix of QQLauncher, which is pretty similar to how MIUI is laid out and DXHome. Thanks to a lot of translating by XDA member melvinchng, we can all give this one a test. The application is extremely smooth and very fast. I gave it a test on my Vibrant which is already running MIUI. It really is a nice launcher. You get the traditional 54 icon dock, with the app drawer located in the center. Under the settings of the launcher you have 14 screen transition effects to choose from including cube, snake, cross fade and random. You can enable or disable the ability to go from the last screen to the first and if you want the wallpaper to scroll as well. You can set the home screen to be 4X4, 5X4 or 5X5. Allowing more widgets and icons on your screen at one time.

In the app drawer you can hit the menu button your device to get to more settings. Giving you options to sort your apps, add a new folder in your app drawer, hide certain apps and app drawer settings. This is where I became really excited about this launcher. You can set scroll to go from the last page of apps back to first and the usual icon layout of 4X4, 5X4 or 5X5 What really got me excited though is the fact that the app drawer has transition effects as well.

Most of that sounds a bit more like DXhome right? What about the MIUI aspect? Instead of forcing you to have all the apps on all of your screens like MIUI does, the home aspect of this launcher is more familiar to what general Android users are accustom too. The MIUI aspect comes in way of themes. No you can’t carry over your MIUI themes to this launcher sadly, but it does have a similar theme app. Giving you access to their online data base of pre-built themes. I counted 11 current full themes to choose from including an Ice Cream Sandwich theme that looks amazing. There is a wallpaper section with limited images available and there is also an icon background option. You can change the background of your icons with a transparent pallet, red frame, crystal tray or even select no background at all.

The launcher also offers a really nice looking control widget to toggle WiFi, 3G/2G Data, GPS and others. There is also a really nice one-click cleaner included. You can see just how much memory is being sucked up right on your home screen and simply tap it to clean up some of those running apps. In the settings of the launcher you can set up white list applications that the cleaner won’t stop.

There was only one thing that was sort of disappointing, but definitely doesn’t detour me from using this as my new favorite launcher. The weather widget which is included in the launcher won’t pull data for the US. Not a big deal really, I just switched back to HD widgets and I am all set. Kinda sad though cause the widget looks pretty sweet.

I generally don’t spend much time going over a launcher, I leave the decision-making up to you guys. This launcher is really friggin nice though. Super fast, no lag, and very customizable. This is easily an app that I suggest everyone tries out. Head over to melvinchng’s XDA thread for the install apk. I’d normally just link the file, but he has already made an update in the last 24 hours to the first release and I’d hate for anyone to miss out on the latest version. Let us know what you think of this launcher in the comments below.


360 Launcher v1.3 themes lockscreens apk
Launcher 360 – 30th December 2011
-Added in my own English version as they forgot to patch that in.
-Lag in app drawer is fixed
-Added Apps, Music, Video, Pictures tab in app drawer for faster access
-Almost every bug is fixed.
-List view in app drawer.
-Difference sorting view in app drawer is added.
-Option to take screenshot in Launcher.
-Custom app in dockbar.
-One click cleaner that kill data is fixed.

Themes in this pack (because themes for this launcher is not available in the Market, i post it here)

Attractive Red
Cool black
Cool green
Dark blue
Love Tree
Windy sea
Peak colourful
Laser colour
Hello Kitty
Christmas present
Warm Christmas
Robot city

Android 4.0

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